Exhaust systems work hard for your car and for you. How, you ask? The exhaust system removes harmful emissions from your vehicle’s emissions and converts them into less harmful exhaust that is then routed out the tailpipe. Without a properly working exhaust system there would be a chance that these poisonous gases that are colorless and odorless could make there way into the passenger cabin, putting you and your passengers at serious risk of inhalation that could lead to death. If you suspect you have an exhaust leak don’t delay having an auto repair shop take a look and fix it. Here are three common signs of exhaust trouble that you should be aware of.

Decreased MPGs

Did you know that an exhaust leak near the manifold could decrease your fuel efficiency by as many as 3-4 MPGs? This happens because the sensors that read incoming and outgoing oxygen are thrown off by the leak and compensate by burning excessive amounts of fuel. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your fuel tank be sure to take care of any exhaust leaks right away!

Bad Vibes

If you’re gas pedal vibrates while driving, especially during acceleration, this is a good indication of an exhaust leak. Even pinhole leaks will cause cars to vibrate as the fumes escape at high velocity. Bigger leaks will cause more harsh vibrations that can be felt throughout the car but more often than not they will be felt in the gas pedal, steering wheel and coming from the floor boards.

Increased Engine Noise

Probably the most common sign of an exhaust leak is increased engine noise. As the exhaust escapes it will cause your engine to rumble loudly as you drive down the road, but again the symptom will be more prominent during acceleration.

If you suspect an exhaust leak do yourself a favor and have it checked out right away, for the sake of your car, but also to ensure your own health. Exhaust fumes are dangerous and if they are able to make their way into the cabin you run a serious risk of major health issues. Please consult an expert should this issues arise in your car.